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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Columbia Generating Station

Richland, Washington
Local population: (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 04/13/84-12/20/43


Energy Northwest

Safety Issues:

Elevated Spent Fuel Pool, Flooding Hazard, Groundwater Leaks Reported

Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant
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06/17/1998  Fission Stories #5 describes how 163,000 gallons of water leaking from ruptured fire sprinkler piping flooded the basement of the reactor building, disabling all three residual heat removal pumps and the low pressure core spray pump – the entire lineup of low pressure emergency core cooling pumps.

04/19/1995  Fission Stories #101 described how an operator licensed by the NRC deliberately violated safety procedures during a reactor startup and was terminated by the plant’s owner.