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U.S. Nuclear Reactors


Brownville, Nebraska
Local population: 10,965 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 01/18/74-01/18/34


Nebraska Public Power District

Safety Issues:

Flooding Hazard, Elevated Spent Fuel Pool

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07/13/2005   UCS complimented NRC Region IV via this letter for not falling for Cooper management's lame excuses why a 10-plus minute fire (which has to be reported to NRC) was actually a 9-minute fire followed immediately by another fire in the exact same place (which wasn't reported to the NRC).  Download the pdf

09/17/1999   Fission Stories #67 explained how hydrogen gas formed by radiolysis as water flows through the reactor core leaked from the system specifically designed to handle it and detonated, damaging the system intended to filter radioactivity from gases released to the atmosphere during an accident.

04/04/1984   Fission Stories #6 explained how a bulldozer landscaping grounds outside the plant sheared off a fire hydrant. The geyser shooting from the ruptured fire main caused the fire header pressure to drop, automatically starting all of the fire pumps to recover it. The pressure pulse caused the fire sprinklers to release water that disabled the emergency system used to filter releases following an accident.