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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Indian Point Unit 2

Buchanan, New York
Local population: 308,415 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 09/28/73-09/28/13


Entergy Nuclear Operations

Safety Issues:

Earthquake Risk, Flooding Hazard, Groundwater Leaks Reported

Indian Point nuclear power plant
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06/23/2010   UCS wrote the NRC concerning the recurring leakage of water through a stainless steel liner for the refueling cavity. This liner was installed for the sole safety purpose of preventing leakage following an earthquake, but it has been leaking since at least 1993, defeating its sole safety function. Download the pdf (254 kB)

06/24/2005   UCS explained how workers identified signs that a safety system was improperly leaking nitrogen gas into the water-filled piping for the emergency core cooling systems but were slow to connect-the-dots to understand the significance and undertake the much needed repairs.  Download the pdf

07/12/2004   UCS explained to NRC Region I why the proposed storage of spent fuel in dry casks at Indian Point conflicts with the NRC's move to risk-informed safety regulation. Download the pdf

09/08/2003   UCS and Riverkeeper petitioned the NRC to take steps to compel a longstanding safety problem involving the impairment of a key system needed to mitigate loss of coolant accidents at Indian Point to be addressed.  See details

05/27/1997   Fission Stories #91 explained how part of the $205,000 fine imposed by the NRC was for improper control over sandblasting of high pressure turbine blades during a 1995 refueling outage that caused recurring safety problems.

06/01/1982   Fission Stories #18 describes how a diver entering the spent fuel pool received an excessive dose of radiation due to two mistakes made before he entered the water.

10/17/1980   Fission Stories #1, the inaugural piece in the series, explains how workers entered the reactor containment to repair a faulty electrical component, only to find it submerged under 100,000 gallons of water that had leaked into containment and covered the lower nine feet of the reactor vessel.