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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Millstone Unit 1

Waterford, Connecticut
Local population: 139,205 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 10/31/86-07/21/98


Northeast Utilities

Safety Issues:

Groundwater Leaks Reported

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12/13/1977   Fission Stories #66 explained how hydrogen gas formed by radiolysis as water flows through the reactor core leaked from the system specifically designed to handle it and detonated, blowing a door nearly 200 feet into a warehouse.

11/1977   Fission Stories #105 described how workers attempted to unclog a pipe connected to a tank holding radioactive liquid using air pressure, but blew the tank open instead.

09/01/1972   Fission Stories #3 described how corroded metal tubes in the main condenser enabled sea water to leak into the condenser and be carried into the reactor vessel where it caused sufficient damage to keep the reactor shut down for nearly a year.