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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Millstone Unit 2

Waterford, Connecticut
Local population: 139,205 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 09/26/75-07/31/35


Dominion Generation

Safety Issues:

Groundwater Leaks Reported, Heightened NRC Attention, Year Plus Outages

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09/26/2012   An All Things Nuclear blog post put the unplanned shut down of the reactor due to high ocean water temperatures in context.

02/12/2011   Fission Stories #58 described how numerous error-prevention measures failed to prevent the control room operators from losing control of the reactor power level during a routine test of some turbine valves.

09/18/2006   UCS documented the factors leading to the year-plus reactor outage that began in February 1996 in this case study for our Walking a Nuclear Tightrope report.  See details | Download the pdf (1.5 kb)