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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Oyster Creek

Forked River, New Jersey
Local population: 140,318 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 12/01/69-04/09/29



Safety Issues:

Elevated Spent Fuel Pool, Groundwater Leaks Reported, Year Plus Outages

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07/25/2007   UCS notified the NRC of spills, leaks, and releases of radioactively contaminated liquids that AmerGen did not report to NRC with their July 31, 2006, voluntary groundwater protection submittal.  Download the pdf

04/10/2007   UCS notified the NRC that while AmerGen's voluntary groundwater protection submittal stated that there had been no spills of radioactively contaminated water requiring remediation, the truth is that a 1982 spill that required contaminated soil to be excavated and disposed of as low-level radioactive waste.  Download the pdf

09/26/2006   UCS queried NRC Region I about a report that workers at Oyster Creek had emptied buckets installed to collect potential leakage through the containment liner shortly before an NRC inspection into whether water was leaking through that liner.  Download the pdf

09/18/2006   UCS documented the factors leading to the year-plus reactor outage that began in February 1983 in this case study for our Walking a Nuclear Tightrope report.  See details | Download the pdf (1.5 kb)

09/18/1996   Fission Stories #29 describes how a daily check of onsite water inventories failed to notice that 133,000 gallons of radioactively contaminated water – roughly half the volume of the tank containing it – had leaked into Barnegat Bay.