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U.S. Nuclear Reactors


South Haven, Michigan
Local population: 34,103 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 02/21/71-03/24/31


Entergy Nuclear Operations

Safety Issues:

Fire Protection Problems, Groundwater Leaks Reported, Near Misses, Year Plus Outages

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08/11/2012: Fission Stories #121 pointed out that the reactor being shut down due to water leaking from the reactor vessel is but the latest in a series of recurring problems improperly resolved including the 2002 near-miss at Davis-Besse.

10/23/2010: Fission Stories #103 describes a tussle over a computer between workers that culminated in an operator storming out of the control room (and into the NRC’s doghouse).

07/16/2010   UCS summarized a recurring problem with reactor cooling water leaking past seals in the control rod drive mechanisms. For decades, workers have replaced leaking seals, installed new seal designs, and added better ventilation to protect the seals from damage caused by overheating, but continues to experience leak after leak. Download the pdf(446 kb)

09/18/2006   UCS documented the factors leading to the year-plus reactor outage that began in August 1973 in this case study for our Walking a Nuclear Tightrope report.  See details | Download the pdf (1.5 kb)