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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Peach Bottom Unit 3

Delta, Pennsylvania
Local population: 68,588 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 07/02/74-07/02/34



Safety Issues:

Earthquake Risk, Elevated Spent Fuel Pool, Flooding Hazard, Groundwater Leaks Reported, Year Plus Outages

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11/09/2007   UCS questioned the NRC's regional administrator over the agency's claim that Exelon took aggressive corrective actions upon learning about security officers sleeping on duty.  Download the pdf (1.5 kb)

10/09/2007   UCS expressed concerns to NRC's security chief about the agency's response to allegations of sleeping security officers at Peach Bottom.  Download the pdf (1.5 kb)

03/2007   Fission Stories #9 chronicles how the NRC dropped the ball after receiving allegations that security officers were routinely sleeping while on duty. The NRC did not investigate the allegations until six months later after a TV reporter was given videotapes of the sleeping guards.

09/18/2006   UCS documented the factors leading to the year-plus reactor outage that began in March 1987 in this case study for our Walking a Nuclear Tightrope report.  See details | Download the pdf (1.5 kb)

03/31/1987   Fission Stories #9 chronicles how the NRC ordered the reactor to be shut down and remain shut down after it substantiated allegations that operators were routinely sleeping while on duty in the control room.