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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Point Beach Unit 2

Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Local population: 23,296 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 03/08/73-03/08/33


FPL Energy Point Beach

Safety Issues:

Heightened NRC Attention, Fire Protection Problems, Groundwater Leaks Reported

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05/15/2004   Fission Stories #27 explained how a diver caused the operators to manually shut down the reactor.

05/28/1996   Fission Stories #122 described how a chemical reaction between a coating applied inside a dry storage cask for spent fuel and water created hydrogen gas that detonated as workers tried welding the cask’s lid in place.

11/06/1987   Fission Stories #127 described an emergency declared at the site after several low-flying helicopters buzzed the site. The National Guard was using the helicopters for training exercises.