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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

River Bend Unit 1

St. Francisville, Louisiana
Local population: 41,244 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 11/20/85-08/29/25


Entergy Nuclear Operations

Safety Issues:

Earthquake Risk, Near Misses, Groundwater Leaks Reported

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10/01/2013   Workers failed to implement appropriate compensatory measures when conducting activities that increased the likelihood of draining cooling water from the reactor vessel, as described in Fission Stories #147.

2010   Fission Stories #77 explained the $140,000 fine proposed by the NRC for control room operators using a computer to access news, sports, finance, and fishing stories on the internet even though they knew it was prohibited while on duty.

04/19/1999   Fission Stories #51 explains what happened when a freeze seal installed to keep water from draining from the reactor vessel thawed and failed.

01/01/1986   Fission Stories #73 explained how a pair of walkie-talkies disconnected the plant from its offsite electrical grid.