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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Three Mile Island Unit 1

Londonderry Township, Pennsylvania
Local population: 263,701 (10-mile radius)


Pressurized Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 04/19/74-04/19/34


AmerGen Energy Company

Safety Issues:

Flooding Hazard, Groundwater Leaks Reported, Heightened NRC Attention, Year Plus Outages

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12/07/2006   UCS questioned NRC Region I about an inaccurate report AmerGen made to the NRC about a stuck open relief valve during an event when no relief valve, in fact, stuck open. Download the pdf

09/18/2006   UCS documented the factors leading to the year-plus reactor outage that began in February 1979 and was extended by the partial meltdown on Unit 2 in this case study for our Walking a Nuclear Tightrope report. 
See details | Download the pdf (1.5 kb)

06/07/2006   UCS thanked AmerGen for providing us with a briefing and tour of post 9/11 security upgrades implemented at Three Mile Island. Download the pdf

07/29/2005   UCS provided TMI Alert the results from the solicited review of the corrective action program at Three Mile Island. Download the pdf

06/17/2005   UCS raised policy concerns to the NRC Commissioners related to "slime" found in the containment sump of the Three Mile Island Unit 2 reactor following its 1979 accident. Download the pdf