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U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Vermont Yankee

Vernon, Vermont
Local population: 46,749 (10-mile radius)


Boiling Water Reactor


Licensed to operate from 02/28/73-03/21/32


Entergy Nuclear

Safety Issues:

Elevated Spent Fuel Pool, Flooding Hazard, Groundwater Leaks Reported

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04/16/2012    Fission Stories #94 covered an NRC inspection report detailing a couple of problems at the plant caused by ineffective maintenance.

03/08/2012    An All Things Nuclear blog post recommended the recently published book, Public Meltdown: The Story of Vermont Yankee.

01/30/2008    UCS provided written and oral testimony to the Senate Finance Committee of the Vermont legislature during a hearing on a state bill calling for an independent safety assessment at Vermont Yankee. Download the pdf

01/09/2008    UCS raised several questions regarding the aging of reactor vessel nozzles following a public meeting between the NRC staff and Vermont Vankee representatives.

08/21/2007    Fission Stories #68 covered “fire and rain” events: the August 2007 “rain” caused when fabrication errors during a medication to the cooling towers led to one’s partial collapse and the June 2004 “fire” when aging connectors in the electrical buses connecting the generator to the main transformer caused sparks that ignited the transformer’s cooling oil.

01/23/2007   UCS questioned the NRC about the irrational claims of "unique uniformity" by Vermont Yankee's owner—when safety problems emerge at nuclear reactors like VY, the owner claims its design is unique so problem cannot occur, yet the owner relies on design uniformity to apply good operating experience from those same reactors. Download the pdf

07/29/2005   UCS questioned the NRC about the wisdom of extending credit to a safety analysis band-aid that is already quite suspect. Download the pdf

07/26/2005   UCS explained an automatic shut down of the reactor caused by a problem in the electrical switchyard. Download the pdf

06/24/2004   UCS explained an automatic shut down of the reactor caused by a fire in the main transformer, with special attention to the unexpected trip of both recirculation pumps. Download the pdf

03/12/2004   UCS conveyed to NRC Region I our reasons for advocating an independent safety assessment for the proposed power uprate at Vermont Yankee. Download the pdf

12/18/2003   UCS filed written testimony with the State of Vermont's Public Service Board on the need for an independent safety assessment before the power uprate at Vermont Yankee. Download the pdf

05/22/1986   Fission Stories #54 explained how workers raised the level of water in the spent fuel pool until it overflowed into the ventilation system ductwork.