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What You Can Do: Make Nuclear Power Safer

Help make nuclear power as safe as it could and should be.

While the nuclear industry continues to assure us that a disaster like Fukushima can't happen here, the evidence is clear: nuclear power in the United States isn't as safe as it could or should be. 

Together, we can send our local, state and federal policy makers a clear and forceful message: make nuclear power safer—starting now.

You can help make it happen! Get involved and be part of the campaign to reduce the risk of a nuclear disaster by doing one or more of the following:  

Demand Action from Policy Makers

If you live in a state with (or near) a nuclear power plant, your elected officials—including mayors, city councilors, county commissioners, state legislators, governors and state agency officials—have a critical role and voice on this issue. By calling, writing or meeting with them you can get them involved, educate them, and help them be a forceful advocate for public health and safety and and to demand action from the NRC to enforce regulations and reduce risks. Take any opportunity, such as town hall meetings or public appearances from elected officials, to raise these issues.

Visit our Activist Resource Center for valuable information on how to engage with policy makers and their staff. 

Spread the Word about Nuclear Power Safety Through Local and Social Media

It’s critical to keep a bright spotlight on nuclear power safety issues, and one of the best ways to do that is through your local media.  

  • Help educate your community through letters to the editor of your local newspaper and op-eds and commentary pieces. UCS’s nuclear power safety campaign staff is always available to help with writing and submitting these pieces and can be reached via
  • Regularly reach out to reporters and producers at your local newspapers and radio stations and share information with them or suggest stories. Urge your neighbors, family members and work colleagues to do the same.  
  • Regularly share the importance of nuclear power safety and raise awareness as issues arise with your networks on Facebook or Twitter:

Update your Facebook status and tell your friends that nuclear power safety needs to be an urgent priority.

Nuclear power isn't safe--but we can make it safer. Find out how from @UCSUSA. Tweet this!

Visit Our Nuclear Power Safety Action Resource Center

If you're ready to become a nuclear power safety activist, our action resource center is a good place to start. You'll find links to in-depth information on nuclear power safety issues, including spent fuel/waste, fire protection, and emergency planning, as well as sample documents for letters to legislators and the media. 

Inform Yourself: the Nuclear Power Information Tracker

If you want to know what's going on at the nuclear plants in your region, the Nuclear Power Information Tracker is for you. Compiled by UCS experts and updated regularly, the Tracker is an interactive treasure trove of data—licensing status, safety record, ongoing issues—about every U.S. commercial reactor, including those no longer operating.


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