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Our Recent Nuclear Weapons & Global Security Accomplishments

UCS helped secure ratification of the New START treaty and made important policy contributions on space security and nuclear terrorism.

Independent analysis of global security threats.

UCS scientists and analysts provide policy makers and the media with independent analysis of nuclear weapon and missile programs across the world. Key reports include The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and The CMRR Nuclear Facility: Why a Delay Makes Sense.

Helped Shape U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy.

UCS worked to secure key Senate votes that led to approval of the New START agreement, which cuts U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals.Thousands of phone calls from UCS supporters, timely analysis of technical questions, and support from technical experts, military leaders, and former government officials from both major parties resulted in a victory of common sense over ideology.

Through a series of meetings with high-level administration officials, we also obtained other important policy changes including retirement of the nuclear Tomahawk cruise missile and a pledge not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that have signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Established a Plan for Space Security.

Because existing international agreements are not sufficient to address the increasingly crowded environment of space, our report Securing the Skies lays out 10 practical steps the United States can and should take to protect its satellites and lower the risk of conflicts and a potential arms race in space.

Advised the U.S. Government on Nuclear Terrorism Risks.

We testified before the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future about the dangers of reprocessing (separating plutonium from spent nuclear fuel), which makes it easier for terrorists to obtain weapon-usable material. UCS is the leading technical group working to educate policy makers and the public about this threat.

Support our work.

Since its earliest days, UCS has worked to educate U.S. decision makers and the public about nuclear weapons and global security issues, making the case for policies that will reduce the nuclear threat. You can help support this work:


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