Scientific Integrity: Let Science Do Its Job

Our civilization is built on a foundation of science. Life as we know it is the result of a remarkable series of technological advances over the past few centuries—advances largely driven by partnerships between science and government.

But science can only thrive when it’s independent. When commercial or ideological interests pressure scientists to distort or suppress their findings, science is weakened, and we all lose.

Our scientific integrity work began in 2004 in response to a growing problem of political interference in government science. Our advocacy on this issue helped win a promise from the incoming Obama administration to pursue scientific integrity reform.

Now, science-based safeguards that have long protected us are under attack in Congress. And the powerful interests that stand to gain by weakening these protections are doing their best to discredit the science that supports them.

UCS is fighting back—helping scientists respond to political attacks, working to preserve science-based safeguards, and keeping the pressure on for federal scientific integrity reform.


Grading Government Transparency
Our 2013 report grades federal agencies on their media communications policies.

Federal Agency Scientific Integrity Policies
Our 2013 comparative analysis breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of 22 agency policies.

Science in an Age of Scrutiny
Helpful advice for scientists facing harassment and personal attacks.

A Climate of Corporate Control
Many U.S. companies are using their influence to muddy the waters on climate science.

FDA Scientist Survey
A followup to our 2009 survey shows progress, but problems remain.

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose
How corporations corrupt science at the public's expense.

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Corporate Interference in Science

Our report, "Heads They Win, Tails We Lose," shows how corporations corrupt science at the public's expense.   
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Federal Scientific Integrity Reform

In 2009, President Obama called for comprehensive scientific integrity reform in federal departments and agencies. Progress has been made, but it's been a long and bumpy road. 
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Science-Based Safeguards under Siege

Once upon a time, Congress passed sensible, science-based laws to protect our air, water, food supply, and biodiversity. Now politicians with short memories are trying to turn back the clock.   
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Attacks on Science and Scientists

If you're a scientist whose work is perceived as a threat by powerful corporate or political interests, you'd better have a thick skin—and a good lawyer.   
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UCS has been a consistent voice for scientific integrity since we first sounded the alarm on political interference in science in 2004, and we remain one of the most respected and effective champions of independent science. You can help support this work: