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Timeline of Abuses of Science

The timeline below shows when individual cases of political interference in science were exposed and reported in the mainstream press. Unfortunately, it appears that despite sustained protest from the scientific community, Republican and Democratic leaders, and the nation’s leading newspapers, the abuse of science continues to be exposed to this day in many Executive Branch agencies.

Dec 2008 Endangered Species ConsultationLast Ditch Effort to Limit Science in Endangered Species Act Rescinded

Jun 2008 Misdiagnosing PTSDPressure not to diagnose PTSD at the U.S. Army and Department of Veterans Affairs

Apr 2008 IRIS DatabaseIntegrity of Public Toxics Database threatened by Interagency Review
Mar 2008 Ozone RegulationWhite House Sidelines Science in Regulating Ozone

Dec 2007 All-Terrain Vehicle Danger ReportAgency delays safety report on ATVs, EPA Climate Change Endangerment ReportWhite House blocked the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, FDA Medical DevicesFDA Medical Device Approval based on Politics, not Science
Nov 2007 Bisphenol AThe FDA Declares that Bisphenol A is Safe, Despite Scientific Evidence
Oct 2007 NASA Pilot SurveyNASA closes air safety program, Censoring Climate Change Health HazardsWhite House censors CDC health testimony

Aug 2007 Mountaintop Removal MiningMining agency buries stream and science
Jul 2007 Surgeon General MuzzledU.S. Surgeon General muzzled by political appointees, FEMA TrailersFEMA exposes Gulf Coast residents to formaldehyde

May 2007 Southwestern Bald EagleFWS decrees the southwestern bald eagle is safe, in spite of science, Spotted OwlFederal agency doesn't give a hoot about owls
Apr 2007 Voter FraudElection panel delays, edits reports on voter fraud, Right WhaleWhite House politics collide with endangered right whale
Mar 2007 Polar Bear Travel RestrictionsDesignated spokesperson required for polar bear travels
Feb 2007 Lead Testing of Children's LunchboxesFederal agency fails to protect children from lead lunches, Border WallWildlife manager pressured on U.S.-Mexico border wall
Jan 2007 Executive Order 13422Presidential mandate centralizes regulatory power, endangers citizens
Dec 2006 Lead National Ambient Air Quality StandardsEPA removes lead scientists, then considers removing lead air quality protections
Nov 2006 Asbestos Safety WarningAgencies pressured to not warn mechanics about asbestos, Restricting PresentationsEPA Scientists Restricted From Presenting Findings at Conferences
Oct 2006 Prairie DogsEndangered Species Act scientific documents altered for both Gunnison’s and white-tailed prairie dogs, Roundtail Chub (fish)Endangered Species Act scientific documents altered for an imperiled fish species, Tabernaemontana rotensis (a plant)Endangered Species Act scientific documents altered for a rare island plant

Aug 2006 Environmental Protection Agency LibrariesThe EPA Closes its Scientific Libraries, PesticidesEPA Ignores Scientific Studies on Pesticides
Jul 2006 School VouchersEducation Department Suppresses Study of Private and Public School Performance, NASA Mission StatementAt NASA, Earth is Removed from Mission Statement, Restrictions on the Right to PublishRestrictions on the Right to Publish at the EPA
Jun 2006 Climate Change Informational WebsitesSeveral agency websites providing information about climate science have disappeared or been allowed to stagnate in recent years
May 2006 Sexually Transmitted Disease PanelSTD Panel at CDC conference manipulated, Prescription Drug KetekScience disregarded for prescription drug Ketek, Graham's penstemonBLM prevents listing of an endangered plant, promotes oil shale development in its habitat
Apr 2006 National Ambient Air Quality StandardsThe EPA proposes excluding staff scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency from helping to determine acceptable levels of air pollution., Can't Say Climate Change at Carbon ConferenceNOAA bans scientist from using the words "climate change" at carbon dioxide conference, Global Warming News ReleasesPress Releases Controlled for Political, Not Scientific, Importance, MindersPress “Minders” Required at Scientists’ Interviews

Feb 2006 Sonar and WhalesNavy downplays sonar impact on marine life, HurricanesScience Suppressed on Potential Hurricane/Global Warming Connection, Post-disturbance LoggingBureau of Land Management Suspends Forest Study Funding, Particulate Matter PollutionEPA Distorts Scientific Evidence for Tightening Particulate Matter Air Pollution Standards
Jan 2006 NASA Scientist James HansenNASA Censors Climate Scientist James Hansen

Nov 2005 Red FrogEconomic Analysis Distorted for Endangered Frog Habitat
Oct 2005 Toxics Chemicals Release in CommunitiesThe EPA announced plans to significantly limit the information that companies are required to provide through the TRI about their release of toxic chemicals—like mercury, lead, and dioxin—into local communities.
Sep 2005 Selective Approval of Global Warming Media Interviewso policies at federal agencies have been changed in recent years to increase control over communications about climate science.
Aug 2005 Racial ProfilingDepartment of Justice Suppresses Racial Profiling Study
Jul 2005 Fuel EfficiencyEPA Report on Fuel Efficiency Withheld, Nerve StimulatorTop FDA Official Overrules Staff to Approve Nerve Stimulator
Jun 2005 Cattle GrazingThe Bureau of Land Management altered a study about the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands., Distorting and Censoring Global Warming DocumentsNational Assessment of Climate Change Goes Missing
May 2005 Endangered Species GeneticsScientists Prohibited from Using Genetics in Endangered Species Act Decisions, Sleep Deprivation AbuseJustice Department Interrogation Memos Abuse Sleep Deprivation Research
Apr 2005 Prescription Drugs Mifepristone and MisoprostolAdministration Attempts Block of World Health Organization Approval of Abortion Pill
Mar 2005 Selenium ContaminationNew standards for controlling selenium pollution misrepresent scientific research
Feb 2005 UCS Federal Scientist SurveysUCS surveys of scientists at federal agencies show significant political interference in science

Dec 2004 Sage GrouseEndangered Species Act scientific documents altered for Greater Sage Grouse, Abstinence-only Sex Education CurriculumFederally Funded Abstinence-only Curriculum Contains False Science
Nov 2004 Prescription Drug VioxxFDA Ignores Scientists’ Warnings on Arthritis Drug Vioxx
Oct 2004 Oil ExtractionEPA Promotes Flawed Study on Hydraulic Fracturing, an Oil Extraction Technique
Sep 2004 Marbled MurreletEndangered Species Act science ignored for the marbled murrelet, Media Policies at the EPAEPA Scientists Restricted from Speaking Freely with the Media
Aug 2004 Weedkiller Atrazine and HealthScience Obscured on Health Impacts of Weedkiller Atrazine, Forest BrochureForest Service exaggerates wildfire threat to spotted owl to promote logging
Jul 2004 OMB Interference in EPA ScienceWhite House Office Overrules Science and Procedures at the EPA
Jun 2004 Vetting of Experts for the World Health Organization PanelWorld Health Organization panel experts are vetted by Health and Human Services Department
May 2004 Plywood Plant PollutionEPA Uses Bad Science to Create Plywood Plant Pollution Rule, Emergency ContraceptionFDA appointees overruled staff scientists and two independent advisory panels to deny access to emergency contraception, Florida PantherDistorting Scientific Knowledge on Florida Panthers
Apr 2004 Air Pollution MonitoringEPA distorts scientific guidelines for monitoring air pollution over national parks, International AIDS ConferenceCDC Researchers Kept from International AIDS Conference, Bull TroutThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service distorted an economic analysis of bull trout habitat., NIH Fogarty International Center Advisory BoardQualified scientists, including a Nobel Laureate, were rejected after being subjected to political litmus tests., Breastfeeding AdsPolitical Pressure Sidelined HHS Efforts to Increase US Breastfeeding Rates
Mar 2004 Endangered SalmonScientists asked to remove science-based recommendations from an official report, President's Council on BioethicsTwo leading scientists were dismissed from the panel because of dissenting opinions on the ethics of biomedical research., Carbon Sequestration PamphletAgricultural Brochure Cancelled Due to Climate Implications
Feb 2004 Arms Control Advisory PanelA scientific committee that advised the State Department on matters of arms control was dismissed and never reappointed.
Jan 2004 Mountaintop Removal MiningAdministration officials intentionally disregard extensive scientific study on mountaintop removal in Appalachia
Dec 2003 Office of Management and Budget Peer ReviewA deeply flawed new peer review rule was proposed by the Office of Management and Budget, and while the most egregious abuses of science were taken out, the rule was ultimately adopted., Missouri River Water ManagementScience Washed Away in Missouri River Decision Making

Aug 2003 Ground Zero Air PollutionWhite House Orders Misleading of Public on Manhattan Air Quality after 9/11
Jul 2003 National Nuclear Security Administration PanelA committee set up to advise the administration on scientific issues regarding the maintenance nation's nuclear weapons stockpile and the design and testing of new nuclear warheads was dismissed., Air Quality ProposalsThe EPA withheld an analysis showing the benefits of a bipartisan alternative to President Bush's Clear Skies Act
Jun 2003 EPA Draft Report on the EnvironmentWhite House Alters EPA Scientific Document on Climate Change , Medicare Drug BillAdministration hides true cost analysis until after passage of Medicare Prescription Drug Act

Mar 2003 Forest ManagementA "review team" primarily composed of non-scientists overruled a science-based plan for managing old-growth forest habitat and reducing fire risk
Feb 2003 Mercury ContaminationWhite House suppressed information about the impact of mercury on public health

Dec 2002 Abstinence-only Sex Education ScienceThe Administration has obscured scientific evaluation of abstinence-only education programs and pressured scientists to promote abstinence., HIV/AIDS EducationThe CDC was ordered to change its website to raise scientifically questionable doubt about the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS., NIH Drug Abuse Advisory PanelPotential panel members were asked if they voted for President Bush., Breast CancerInformation suggesting a link between abortion and breast cancer was posted on a National Cancer Institute website despite objections from staff scientists., Airborne BacteriaA microbiologist was prohibited at least 11 times from publishing research on airborne bacteria originating from farm wastes.
Nov 2002 Workplace Safety PanelWell-qualified scientists were rejected from a panel that evaluates grants for workplace injuries because of their support for a workplace ergonomics standard.
Oct 2002 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention PanelStaff-recommended scientists are rejected from a panel considering acceptable levels of lead in drinking water and replaced by appointees with financial ties to the lead industry., Reproductive Health Advisory CommitteeAn underqualified nominee was suggested as chair of an FDA committee on reproductive health despite scant credentials and highly partisan political views.
Sep 2002 Aluminum Tubes in IraqThe Administration knowingly disregarded scientific analysis of intelligence data that contradicted its case for war against Iraq., Army Science BoardAn engineer was rejected from a panel because of a contribution to John McCain's 2000 presidential bid.

Jul 2002 Kyoto Op-Ed DistortedWhite House Council on Environmental Quality Edits EPA Administrator’s Op-Ed

May 2002 Manipulation of Global Warming ScienceSince taking office, the George W. Bush administration has consistently sought to undermine the view held by the vast majority of climate scientists that human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases are making a discernible contribution to global warming.
Apr 2002 Klamath River BasinSalmon Experts Pressured to Change Findings., BerylliumBeryllium health information hidden from public

Aug 2001 Trumpeter SwansEndangered Species Act science ignored for the trumpeter swan

Jan 2001 Slurry Spill Investigation SuppressionCoal Slurry Spill Investigation Suppressed
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