2013 UCS Editorial Cartoon Contest Winner

Mark Hicks of Phoenix, Arizona


This year’s UCS Editorial Cartoon Contest winner is Mark A. Hicks of Arizona. His cartoon will grace the cover of the 2014 UCS Editorial Cartoon Calendar, as well as the month of September.

Mark is a freelance illustrator of many science-related works of art for children's books and magazines. He is a parent of a science major at the University of Arizona and a strong supporter of art and science in the classroom. He loves nature (especially the flora and fauna of his native state of Arizona) and all things science.

Over the years clients he has created art include Discovery Education, Ask, Click, Cobblestone, and Spider Magazines, USA Today, Scholastic, Current Greeting Cards, The National Park Service, and The National Children’s Museum.

A few of his current projects include a couple of books and a fun, science-themed website.

You can find more samples and information about his work at his website www.MARKIX.net.

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