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Scientific Integrity 101

The United States has enjoyed sustained prosperity and health in large part because of its strong commitment to independent science. As the nation faces new challenges at home and growing competitiveness abroad, a robust federal scientific enterprise is ever more critical. Unfortunately, political interference in federal government science threatens this legacy.

Although science is rarely the only factor driving public policy, scientific input should always be weighed from an impartial perspective. Unfortunately, numerous independent investigations have documented the suppression, manipulation, and distortion of federal science before it enters the policy process. Furthermore, lasting structural changes in federal government structure have impaired the ability of federal scientists to fulfill their responsibility to serve their agencies and the public good. Solving these systemic problems will require leadership from the president, continued oversight from the legislative branch, and the persistent and energetic engagement of both scientists and citizens.  

UCS works with in partnership with scientists and ordinary citizens alike to spur appropriate legislative and executive branch action to restore scientific integrity to federal policy making. We consult with government scientists, experienced congressional staff, and other experts about effective reforms. Our efforts are aimed at protecting government scientists, improving public access to federal scientific information, reforming the regulatory process, and ensuring robust scientific input to governmental decisions. 

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