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Our Recent Scientific Integrity Accomplishments

UCS has helped drive federal scientific integrity reform, protected our food supply, and fought back against political attacks on science.

Spurred Action on Federal Scientific Integrity Policy

UCS was instrumental in securing the December 2010 release of the White House scientific integrity directive specifying steps agencies must take to comply with the policy guidelines laid out in President Obama's March 2009 memorandum. Our response to the Department of the Interior's draft policy in August 2010 helped win useful improvements in the final version. And we have taken the initiative to help federal agencies create the best possible scientific integrity policies by offering advice and resources on best practices.

Improved Food Safety

In a 2010 UCS survey, hundreds of federal scientists and inspectors reported experiencing corporate interference that weakened food safety. Our findings helped support a new law that reduces corporate influence and improves the government’s ability to protect us from contaminated food.

Defended Science from Political Attacks

When Virginia’s attorney general launched an investigation of a former University of Virginia professor simply because he disagreed with the scientist’s findings about climate change, UCS quickly rallied scientists in support of the professor. This helped convince the university to fight the attorney general’s subpoenas in court; the first have been set aside.

Support our work.

UCS has been a tireless advocate for policies that will protect scientists and their work from improper pressure, distortion and manipulation, allowing independent science to flourish and make its vital contribution to our lives. You can help support this work:

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