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UCS Activists Thank EPA Scientists

Citizens and Scientists, Grateful for Dedicated Service, Vow to Help Protect Science

In response to the release of our recent investigation of political interference at the Environmental Protection Agency, we asked UCS supporters to send messages of support to these scientists by writing thank you notes to the scientists at their regional EPA office.

EPA scientists are struggling to uphold the agency's mission to protect human health and the environment. Many are tempted to leave their jobs at the agency because their work is undermined and they are not supported. We wanted scientists at the EPA to know that we are grateful for their dedication and hard work and are aware that political interference has had a negative impact on their agency. And we will be working with Congress and the next administration to restore independence and scientific integrity to the EPA.

We collected hundreds of great letters from grandmothers, teachers, college students, and mathematicians.  One supporter thanked her local EPA scientists by writing, "I am sending my most sincere thanks and my most fervent hopes in this letter.  The importance of the work you do for average people like me is incalculable...There are millions of people like me who know that someone is doing very important work on our behalf.  If you don't hear from us, it isn’t because we are ungrateful."

Local UCS supporters will hand-deliver these letters to regional EPA offices. You can see the country's gratitude in a small sampling of these thank you letters by clicking on the thumbnail images below.



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