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IPCC Fourth Assessment

As the new benchmark of climate change science, The IPCC Fourth Assessment (AR4) provides an exciting opportunity for scientists to interpret its findings for the lay public, to emphasize its meaning to relevant stakeholders, and to explain its importance to busy policy makers. In short, SSI members can reinvigorate discussion at all levels of society about the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and about the human influence on that change. By doing so, SSI members can increase understanding and support for strong national and international climate policies.  

For each working group, SSI has developed materials and resources to help communicate the key findings of the IPCC Fourth Assessment. Brochures, PowerPoint presentations, online seminars, and other resources are available for each working group.

Working Group I: The Physical Basis for Climate Change

Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

Working Group III: Mitigation of Climate Change

What You Can Do
The AR4 report creates ample opportunities for scientists to amplify the findings and urge strong action to reduce heat-trapping emissions. Take  Action Today! Please let us know if you take any actions by emailing

  • Write an letter-to-the-editor: Take just a moment to write up an LTE and send to you local paper. It only takes a little time and reaches a wide audience. Tips on Writing LTEs

  • Contact your policy makers: Elected officials listen to their constituents, and scientists have particular influence as trusted and respected members of your community. Offer your expertise as a science resource and also encourage strong, effective policy to reduce heat-trapping emissions. Tips on Meeting with your Policy Makers

  • Give a presentation: Use the public-friendly PowerPoint presentation on each of the Working Groups in public presenations. Contact a local community group, such as Rotary Club or your church or synagogue, high school or academic classroom, or your elected officials and offer a presentation on climate change or your area of expertise. Contact if you have any questions or would like additional materials specific to your region.
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