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IPCC Fourth Assessment

Working Group I

As the new benchmark of climate change science, The IPCC Fourth Assessment (AR4) provides an exciting opportunity for scientists to interpret its findings for the lay public, to emphasize its meaning to relevant stakeholders, and to explain its importance to busy policy makers. In short, SSI members can reinvigorate discussion at all levels of society about the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and about the human influence on that change. By doing so, SSI members can increase understanding and support for strong national and international climate policies.

Working Group I: The Physical Basis for Climate Change

Read the IPCC AR4 Working Group I Summary for Policymakers

UCS Resources:

  • UCS Fact Sheet on IPCC AR4 Working Group I
  • Public-friendly PowerPoint presentation. Download and use this PPT for public presentations. The file is large and therefore split into three parts. There is also a separate presentation on the emission scenarios the IPCC used in its report. If you have any questions or trouble, please contact Jean Sideris at or (617) 547-5552. Suggestions, sources, and additional references are included in the grey slides in Part 1. Slides will open in your web browser; go to File, Save As to save slides to your computer.

    Emission scenarios used in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
    Working Group I Summary For Policymakers: Part 1
    Working Group I Summary For Policymakers: Part 2
    Working Group I Summary For Policymakers: Part 3
    Sea Ice Animation (to include in PPT. right click when animation opens to save)
  • UCS Press Release

  • Listen to the web seminar on WGI Summary for Policymakers (February 2, 2007; 1 hour)
    NOTE: Windows Media format. If you are unable to download, please contact

  • View the PowerPoint presentation for the web seminar
    NOTE: PPT presentation is for the web seminar only! Please use the above PPT for any presentations.  
    PPT Part 1 (Audio: Start - 11:57)
    PPT Part 2 (Audio: 11:58 - Finish)

Click here for information on Working Group II and Working Group III

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