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Talking Climate Change

Climate Messaging Project

On November 18th, 20th and 21st of 2002, the Sound Science Initiative held "Climate Messaging" workshops for its members. 

Download the workshop audio file

The event was a specially designed workshop for scientists, doctors, and engineers who want to effectively talk about climate change with the public, the press, and policymakers. New research shows that scientists are critical "messengers" on the climate change topic, but that scientists often talk about the issue in exactly the wrong way. Although intending to communicate about climate change with the desired result of motivating the audience to begin reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the public presentations of many scientists' have the opposite effect.

The workshop explored:
  • what the general public really thinks about the climate issue;
  • what climate science information people understand ... and what still causes confusion;
  • why it is so important that scientists speak out about climate change;
  • how scientists and others can reshape the national climate change debate;
  • how you personally can be most effective in motivating your audience to do something about the problem

About the Research:
We at SSI were particularly pleased to bring you this opportunity. The presentation, by Susan Bales of the Frameworks Institute,
shared the findings of a year-long Frameworks Institute investigation undertaken for the Union of Concerned Scientists and other  organizations working on global warming. The Frameworks' Climate Message Project provides insight into the public perception of global warming, the importance of "framing" the issue to make it accessible to the public, the need to speak about solutions, and the value of scientists as messengers on this complex topic. If you speak publicly about global warming and want to be more effective, this workshop is for you.

The audiofile of the workshop, as well questions and comments it generated, are available in MP3 format.  The workshop is designed to be accompanied by the Powerpoint Presentation 'Talking Global Warming'. 

Audio File:
The Climate Messaging workshop

Talking Global Warming (ppt)
Talking Global Warming (pdf)

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