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Adrienne Alvord
Western States Director
Adrienne Alvord is UCS's western states director, working to ensure we transition to a clean energy and fuels economy that reduces global warming, promotes equitable economic growth, and improves public health in western states.
Director, Climate and Energy Program
Angela Ledford Anderson, director of the UCS Climate and Energy Program, is leading our efforts to persuade government officials to enact policies that support clean energy and result in global warming emissions reductions.
Director of Energy Research & Analysis
Steve Clemmer, director of energy research for the UCS Climate and Energy Program, is an expert on renewable energy project implementation at the state and federal levels.
Nancy Cole
Director of Campaigns and Operations, Climate & Energy
Nancy Cole is the campaign director for UCS's Climate & Energy Program.
Senior Energy Analyst
Joseph Daniel is a senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Juan Declet-Barreto
Climate Scientist
Juan Declet-Barreto joined UCS in January of 2016 as a joint Kendall Science Fellow for the Climate & Energy program and the Center for Science and Democracy. He partners with environmental...
Director of State Policy and Analysis
As director of state policy and analysis, Jeff Deyette conducts analysis on the economic and environmental costs and benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. In addition, he serves as assistant director of energy research for the UCS Climate and Energy Program.
Paula Garcia
Energy Analyst
Paula Garcia, an energy analyst in the Climate and Energy Program, evaluates energy resource and climate change mitigation options in the electricity sector and works to advance public understanding of renewable and conventional energy technologies, policies, and markets.
Jamesine Rogers Gibson
Western States Senior Climate Analyst
Jamesine Rogers Gibson is the Western states senior climate analyst for the Climate & Energy program.
Senior Analyst
Sam Gomberg is a senior energy analyst based in the Midwest office of the Union of Concerned Scientists.