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Marcia DeLonge
Sr. Scientist, Food and Environment
Marcia DeLonge is a senior scientist in the Food & Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists where she conducts scientific research and analyses identifying practices that lead to healthy, sustainable food and farming systems.
Glynis Lough
Deputy Director and Research Director, Food & Environment
Glynis Lough is the deputy director and research director for the Food & Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Senior Agricultural Economist, Food & Environment Program
Kranti Mulik is a senior economist in the UCS Food & Environment Program, with expertise in land use and climate change as well as global agricultural markets.
Sarah Reinhardt
Food Systems & Health Analyst, Food & Environment Program
Sarah Reinhardt is the food systems and health analyst for the Food & Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Director, Food & Environment Program
Ricardo Salvador, an expert in sustainable agriculture practices, is a senior scientist and director of the UCS Food & Environment Program.
Karen Perry Stillerman
Sr. Communication Strategist and Sr. Analyst, Food & Environment Program
Karen Perry Stillerman is senior communication strategist and senior analyst in the UCS Food and Environment Program, where she leads initiatives and shapes research aimed at transforming and modernizing the American food system to make it healthier for consumers and the environment.