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Senior Analyst
Sam Gomberg is a senior energy analyst based in the Midwest office of the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Senior Energy Analyst
Michael Jacobs is a senior energy analyst at UCS, leading the Climate & Energy Program’s electricity markets, transmission and renewables integration work.
Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist
Nicole Pinko is a corporate analyst and engagement specialist with the Climate...
Senior Energy Analyst
As a senior energy analyst in the Climate and Energy Program, Jeremy Richardson conducts analytical work on the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon regulations and other areas of energy research.
John Rogers
Senior Energy Analyst
John Rogers, a senior analyst in the UCS Climate & Energy Program, manages the energy and water project, which is helping implement a range of renewable energy, climate, and other clean energy policies.
Senior Energy Modeler
Sandra Sattler is a senior energy modeler in the UCS Climate and Energy Program, where she analyzes and models clean energy, energy efficiency, and global warming policies at the state, regional, and national level.
Energy Analyst
Mark Specht is an energy analyst for the Climate...
Senior Manager, Western States Energy
As a senior energy analyst in the UCS Climate and Energy Program, Laura Wisland focuses on developing state policies that will effectively increase the amount of renewable energy used in California.