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Clean Vehicles Analyst
Samantha Houston is an analyst for the Clean Vehicles program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Derrick Z. Jackson
Derrick Z. Jackson is a UCS Fellow in climate and energy and the Center for Science and Democracy.
Senior Energy Analyst
Michael Jacobs is a senior energy analyst at UCS, leading the Climate & Energy Program’s electricity markets, transmission and renewables integration work.
UCS President Kenneth Kimmell, an expert on climate change and environmental issues, leads the organization.
China Project Manager
Gregory Kulacki, a respected expert on the People's Republic of China, focuses on cross-cultural communication between the United States and China.
Kendall Voting Rights Fellow
Michael Latner is a Kendall Voting Rights Fellow with the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. His research focuses on political representation and electoral systems...
Rachel Licker
Senior Climate Scientist
Rachel Licker is a senior climate scientist with the Climate & Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, Dr. Licker communicates climate science to policymakers, the...
Acting Director of the Nuclear Safety Project
Edwin Lyman, a senior scientist in the UCS Global Security Program, is an expert on nuclear weapons policy, nuclear materials, and nuclear terrorism.
Analyst, Global Security Program
Eryn MacDonald, an analyst with the UCS Global Security Program, focuses on international security, arms control and nonproliferation, U.S.-China relations, and East Asian security.