Timeline: UCS Accomplishments in the 1980s



  • UCS sues the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and successfully strengthens safety standards at nuclear power plants across the country. [More about Nuclear Power]
  • More than 700 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 57 Nobel laureates, sign the UCS Appeal to Ban Space Weapons, urging the United States and Soviet Union to ban testing and deployment of weapons in space. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security]
  • UCS’s research and public education campaign alerts the public to the dangers of the Reagan administration’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative and helps force the government to scale back the program. [More about Nuclear Weapons & Global Security]
  • UCS undertakes a technical assessment of alternatives to nuclear power and fossil fuels. The study, Energy Strategies: Toward a Solar Future, launches the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote clean, safe renewable energy for the United States. [More about Clean Energy]

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