Timeline: UCS Accomplishments in the 1990s



  • UCS leads a delegation of U.S. nonprofit organizations to the international climate negotiations that result in the landmark Kyoto Protocol climate change treaty. [More about Global Warming]
  • UCS expertise in vehicle technology helps convince California to reduce pollution by requiring sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks to meet the same tailpipe emission standards required for cars. [More about Clean Vehicles]
  • In response to grassroots pressure generated by UCS, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issues stiffer rules on the commercialization of genetically engineered crops. [More about Food and Agriculture]
  • New analytic techniques pioneered by UCS demonstrate the potential for renewable energy in the Midwest, setting the stage for its significant expansion. [More about Clean Energy]
  • UCS analysis, ad campaigns, and grassroots activism reveal the enormous expense and dubious mission of the B-2 stealth bomber, ultimately succeeding in limiting its production. [More about Global Security]
  • UCS launches its efforts to prevent severe climate change with a statement endorsed by 700 members of the National Academy of Sciences calling on all nations to advance climate change solutions. [More about Global Warming

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