California Water Commission Releases New Draft Regulations

Statement by Juliet Christian-Smith of the Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Jan 29, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (January 29, 2016)—Draft regulations released today by the California Water Commission will determine how billions of dollars from the water bond (Proposition 1) will be allocated to fund new water infrastructure projects.

Below is a statement by Juliet Christian-Smith, climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“The California Water Commission’s proposed requirements for vetting new water projects are inadequate to the challenges posed by a changing climate. The draft regulations do not plan for extreme climate impacts or conditions beyond 2050, when climate science tells us that the most significant changes in temperature and water supply will occur.

“The water bond approved by California voters provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure our water needs well into the future. Unfortunately, these regulations fall short of what is needed to ensure a reliable and resilient water system.”

For additional perspectives on the regulations, read Juliet Christian-Smith’s blog.