Massachusetts Offers an Ambitious Roadmap for Cleaner Transportation

Statement by Ken Kimmell, President, Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Dec 14, 2018

BOSTON (December 14, 2018)—The Future of Transportation Commission, empaneled by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, has just given him its report “Choices for Stewardship: Recommendations to Meet the Transportation Future."

Below is a statement by Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists and a member of the commission. 

“I was honored to be appointed to this commission by Governor Baker and I applaud the work the commission performed.  The governor directed the commission to think big and long-term, with a 2040 time-horizon, to help secure a transportation system for Massachusetts residents that is clean, reliable, convenient and affordable.  I think we met this challenge. 

“We offered a number of ambitious recommendations, including that by 2040, every new car, bus and light duty truck sold in Massachusetts must be electric or use other zero-emission technology. This is the kind of goal that is needed to make meaningful greenhouse gas emission cuts from the transportation sector, now the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S.

“The commission also called for the state to prioritize public transportation, put in place a ‘cap and invest’ program for transportation emissions, and create a public-private partnership to keep Massachusetts on the cutting edge of new transportation technologies.

Our report includes detailed next steps, including suggestions for how to make electric cars, buses and trucks a more attractive choice.  I hope that Governor Baker and his successors embrace these recommendations.  The decisions they make will have ramifications for the climate for decades to come.”