Removing Climate Change Resources from EPA Website ‘Offensive and Dangerous,’ Science Group Says

Statement by Gretchen Goldman, Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Oct 20, 2017

WASHINGTON (October 20, 2017)—The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has removed dozens of links from its website to materials dedicated to helping local governments address climate change, according to an analysis released today by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative. The organization found that pages detailing the risks of climate change, the approaches states are taking to curb emissions, and statewide plans to adapt to weather extremes are among the documents that are no longer featured on the agency’s website. They remain available on an older archived version of the site.

Below is a statement by Gretchen Goldman, research director at the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS.

“Removing climate change resources from the EPA website is offensive and dangerous. At a time when Americans have lost their loved ones and their homes to floods and fires, are living without fresh water or electricity, and are experiencing multi-billion-dollar disasters exacerbated by climate change, this is not the time to impede public access to critical climate change information. This is yet another example of the Trump administration concealing research that U.S. taxpayers funded and state and local officials need to protect their communities.”