US Government, Business, Education Leaders Move Forward on Climate Action without Pres. Trump

Statement by Ken Kimmell, President, Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Jun 5, 2017

WASHINGTON (June 5, 2017)—A large and growing number of U.S. governors, mayors, businesses, investors, and colleges and universities—one of the most expansive coalitions representing an array of economic sectors pursuing climate action—today declared their plan to continue working together to keep the U.S. a global leader in reducing carbon emissions.

Below is a statement from Ken Kimmell, president of UCS and a former commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and past chair of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

“After President Trump’s disgraceful decision last week to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, it’s essential that state, city, business, university and other leaders make it clear that Trump’s abdication of climate leadership doesn’t represent what the majority of Americans want. Today’s statement by so many important leaders sends an unmistakable signal that America is not backing down and that we will do our part to make sure the world’s climate is habitable for our children and grandchildren.”