Our Advocates

Campaign Coordinator

Camilo Esquivia-Zapata is an outreach coordinator with the Climate...

Eleanor Fort

Vehicles Campaign Manager
Eleanor Fort engages members, activists, and experts to advance the UCS Clean Vehicles program and the Half the Oil initiative.
Danielle Fox

Campaign & Science Network Manager, Center for Science & Democracy
Danielle Fox is a campaign manager and manager of the Science Network for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Senior Policy Analyst, Clean Vehicles Program
Joshua leads legislative and regulatory campaigns in support of the organization’s national transportation policy agenda.
Michael Halpern

Deputy Director, Center for Science and Democracy
As deputy director of the Center for Science and Democracy, Michael Halpern works to promote solutions that ensure government decisions are fully informed by scientific information and that the public understands the scientific basis for those decisions.
Jonna Hamilton

Senior Manager of Government Affairs
Jonna Hamilton is senior Washington representative for the Clean Vehicles Program.

Outreach Coordinator
Emily Heffling is a Western states campaign coordinator for the Climate & Energy and Clean Vehicles programs.

Tiffany Hsieh

Science Network Campaign Assistant II
J.C. Kibbey

Midwest Outreach and Policy Advocate
J.C. Kibbey is the Midwest outreach and policy advocate for the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Yogin Kothari

Senior Washington Representative
Yogin Kothari is a Washington representative with the Center for Science and Democracy.


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