Media Team

Abby Figueroa

West Coast Communications Officer
Media contact for our Climate & Energy and Clean Vehicles programs in California, Oregon and Washington.

Communications Officer
Media contact for our Clean Vehicles Program and the Center for Science and Democracy. Phone: 202-331-5662 Email:

Senior Writer
Media contact for our global security and nuclear power work. Phone: 202-331-5439 Email:
Lisa Nurnberger

Media Director
Media contact for our nuclear weapons work. Phone: 202-331-6959 Email:
Ashley Siefert

Communications Officer
Media contact for our energy work and international climate negotiations. Phone: 202-331-5666 Email:
Photo of Ja-Rei Wang, Communications Officer, Union of Concerned Scientists

Communications Officer
Media contact for Food & Agriculture and Fossil Fuel Company Accountability. Phone: 202-331-6943 Email:
Ashanti Washington

Assistant Communication Officer
Media contact for Federal Science Defense, Energy, and Climate. Phone: 202-331-5660 Email:

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