Jamesine Rogers Gibson

Western States Senior Climate Analyst
Jamesine Rogers Gibson

Jamesine Rogers Gibson is the Western states senior climate analyst for the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Ms. Rogers Gibson conducts research and policy analysis to inform and build support for robust climate policies in California and the Western states. Her work focuses on approaches that reduce global warming emissions and increase resilience to climate impacts, while maximizing health, air quality, and economic benefits. 

Ms. Rogers Gibson has more than a decade of climate-related policy and research experience. Most recently, she was a senior associate with the think tank Next Generation and project manager for the Risky Business Project. In this role, she was lead author for the Project’s California report, and engaged business and policy leaders on the economic risks of climate change to energy, agriculture, coastal property, health, and other sectors. Before that, she served as a fellow in the office of then-Senator John Kerry, where she co-led development of the STRONG Act of 2012 to address the nation’s vulnerability to extreme weather events. As an air pollution specialist at the California Air Resources Board, Ms. Rogers Gibson helped implement two of California’s landmark global warming laws. And as an environmental protection specialist with the EPA, she supported an international climate research partnership.

Ms. Rogers Gibson earned a master’s in public health in environmental health sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor of arts in environmental science and policy from Duke University.

Jamesine Rogers Gibson's Selected Publications


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