UCS Leadership

UCS President Kenneth Kimmell, an expert on climate change and environmental issues, leads the organization.
Executive Director
UCS Executive Director Kathleen Rest, an expert on public health and the environment, oversees the organization’s day-to-day operations.
Peter Frumhoff
Director of Science & Policy
Peter Frumhoff, a global change ecologist with expertise in climate change and tropical forest conservation, ensures that UCS brings robust science to bear on our efforts to strengthen public policies.
Alden Meyer
Director of Strategy & Policy
Alden Meyer, an expert on international and domestic climate change policy, provides strategic guidance for our advocacy on energy, transportation, agriculture, and arms control issues.
Director of Communications
Suzanne Shaw is director of communications at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Chief Development Officer
As chief development officer, Laurie Marden oversees UCS fundraising efforts, including the organization’s work with foundations, members, and major donors.
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
As chief administrative and financial officer, Cheryl Schaffer oversees UCS finances, human resources, office management, and information technology.

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