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Drivers Show Their Love for Electric Vehicles

I heart electric car

This past Valentine’s Day, we asked electric vehicle (EV) drivers to tell us what they love most about driving an EV. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. That shouldn’t be too surprising considering that there are a multitude of reasons why EVs are simply a better product than gas vehicles, including the fact that they are cheaper and cleaner to operate. If you want to get in on this #EVLove, just send your story via Twitter or Facebook with the #EVLove hashtag. Here are some of my favorites responses so far.

Leopold loves the quick, quiet ride to the dog park (but don’t say those two words unless you mean it). #EVLove He doesn’t really get to sit there when we drive, I promise. pic.twitter.com/kp5LS5FiQV

— Hannah Goldsmith (@HannahG0ld) February 17, 2018

“We ❤ the stability and road adhesion imparted by the low center of gravity. We ❤ the cargo capacity uncluttered by fuel lines or tanks, drive trains or transmissions. We ❤ the ease of maintenance.  No more oil changes or drips. We ❤ charging at home and not going to gas stations!”  ~Chris


We love our Chevy Volt and belong to the #EVLove cult. With greatly reduced GHG, access to the HOV, and torque that envies: Become an #ElectricCar groupie! pic.twitter.com/dhXZErEaZ0

— Amplify Eco (@AmplifyEco) February 14, 2018


“The lack of maintenance required on these vehicles is one of their best features, because of the braking provided by regeneration I don’t expect to  have to replace brake pads ever again, “One pedal” driving on the Bolt is a wonderful thing to experience, we are so pleased to have these vehicles available that’s car love.” ~Roger


Happy #EVLove Day! We love our Nissan Leaf and am so happy to pass by gas stations on our way around town. The acceleration is awesome! pic.twitter.com/BMwlPkNUBM

— Amy Tidd (@AmyTidd) February 14, 2018


100% torque from zero. Haven’t been to a gas station since Sept 2013. 71,500 miles so far, charged with solar when I’m home. Footage from my first taste of #EVLove at the @Tesla Factory (almost 5 years ago) with Tesla CEO Elon Musk riding shotgun: https://t.co/91S2TRfG5y

— Leilani Münter (@LeilaniMunter) February 15, 2018