Ready to up your advocacy game? We've carefully selected the best, most effective tactics for you to make the maximum difference on the issues you care most about. These step-by-step tips, guides, and resources will walk you through some of the most influential activities you can do as an advocate for science.

Put your skills to use today!

If you're a local member of a community who wants to step up to defend science, sign up as a Science Champion. If you're a scientist or technical specialist, join the Science Network watchdog initiative for tailored opportunities.

Engage with elected officials

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Decision makers need—and want—to hear from you. Communicating with your elected representatives is one of the most crucial and effective things you can do to make progress on the issues you care about. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Connect with the media

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The media is a powerful tool for amplifying your voice to a broad audience, from your local community to the decision makers you're trying to reach. Here are some of the best, most influential ways to connect with and utilize the media.

Act local

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Help mobilize the community around you to be a powerful collective voice for change—working together we are stronger than each of us working alone. There are many ways to engage with your local community—here are just a few: 

Are you a scientist?

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If you are a scientist, aspiring scientist, analyst, economist, public health professional, or other expert, you have unique skills and experience that can be used in additional and influential ways. Learn more by visiting—and joining!—the Science Network, which offers you resources, tactics, and support that utilize your specific expertise. Connect with other scientists and experts, build advocacy skills, and use your expertise for the public good.