The UCS EW3 Energy-Water Database

The UCS EW3 Energy-Water Database compiles the data used to analyze the water, carbon, and temperature impacts of US power plants for our report, Freshwater Use by US Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource.

The database provides information for the nearly 5,000 US power plants that were operating in 2008. Data is included at both the power plant and generator scale.

In sharing this database, our intent is to create a research tool for specialists and non-specialists that presents the data we collected, vetted, and analyzed in a format that can be easily manipulated for further research and analysis.

The database is available as an Excel file. It is free and its use is unrestricted. Questions about the database may be directed to [email protected].

We request that its use be acknowledged and referenced in written materials, as follows:

Union of Concerned Scientists. 2012. UCS EW3 Energy-Water Database V.1.3.

Last revised date: May 4, 2012

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