The Hybrid Scorecard has been retired!

While still available as a reference below, the Hybrid Scorecard is no longer updated. Why? Hybrids are now enormously popular, with dozens of models on the market, and more released every year. This is great news for reducing oil use and protecting public health, the environment, and the economy—but keeping our resources updated is a challenge.

For more up-to-date material, check out our blog, explore our electric vehicle timeline, or learn how clean cars can help cut projected US. oil use in half by 2035.

How to Use the Hybrid Scorecard

The hybrid scorecard, updated through 2011 but not after, was a resource for finding the most fuel efficient hybrids on the market. It was used to:

  • Identify what you're really paying for in a hybrid vehicle.
  • Look past the hybrid label to see if hybrid technology is truly being used to maximize reductions in both global warming and smog-forming emissions.
  • Get the best environmental "bang for your buck."
  • Find out which hybrid models have extra "bells and whistles" that artificially increase the price of the vehicle.

Hybrid Scorecard Key

Combined MPG: Higway/City combined miles per gallon as estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Improvement Score: Measures the smog-forming and global warming pollution performance of the hybrid against its conventional counterparts. (0-10, 10 is best)

Hybrid Value: Measures how cost-effectively a particular hybrid achieves its environmental performance. (Very Poor-Superior)

Forced Features: Measures how many "premium" or "upgraded" features are included on a hybrid as standard equipment as compared to a conventional model, denying consumers the option of buying a base model with hybrid capabilities. (None-$$$$$)

2011 Non-Luxury Models (click on headers to sort)

Environmental Improvement Score*Hybrid
Forced Features*
Toyota Prius 50 9.2 B-TVery Good A-TNone
Honda Civic Hybrid 41 7.2 B-HVery Good D-H$$$
Ford Fusion Hybrid 39 7.8 B-FVery Good D-F$$$
Ford Escape Hybrid FWD 32 7.0 C-EGood C-E$$
Toyota Camry Hybrid 33 6.1 C-TGood B-T$
Toyota Highlander Hybrid 28 7.1 C-TGood C-T$$
Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD 29 6.5 C-EGood C-E$$
Honda Insight 41 6.5 C-HGood A-HNone
Nissan Altima Hybrid 33 5.7 C-NGood C-N$$
Chevy Tahoe Hybrid 2WD 21 4.3 D-CPoor F-C$$$$$
GMC Yukon Hybrid 2WD 21 4.3 D-GPoor F-G$$$$$
Chevy Silverado Hybrid 4WD 21 4.3 C-CGood A-CNone
GMC Sierra Hybrid 4WD 21 4.3 D-GPoor B-G$
Chevy Tahoe Hybrid 4WD 21 4.3 D-CPoor F-C$$$$$
GMC Yukon Hybrid 4WD 21 4.3 D-GPoor F-G$$$$$
Chevy Silverado Hybrid 2WD 21 3.7 E-CVery Poor A-CNone
GMC Sierra Hybrid 2WD 21 3.7 D-GPoor B-G$
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 37 6.8 C-HGood A-HNone
Honda CR-Z 37 6.2 B-HVery Good C-H$$
Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid 21 3.0 E-VVery Poor F-V$$$$$

2011 Luxury Models (click on headers to sort)

Environmental Improvement Score*Hybrid
Forced Features*
Lexus CT 200h 42 8.6 A-LSuperior A-LNone
Lexus HS 250h 35 7.0 B-LVery Good A-LNone
Lexus RX 450h AWD 29 6.9 C-LGood B-L$
Lexus RX 450h FWD 30 6.8 C-LGood B-L$
Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid 21 5.2 A-MSuperior A-MNone
Cadillac Escalade 4WD 21 5.6 B-CVery Good F-C$$$$$
Cadillac Escalade 2WD 21 5.0 B-CVery Good F-C$$$$$
Infiniti M Hybrid 29 5.5 C-IGood A-INone
Lexus LS 600h L 20 4.1 E-LVery Poor F-L$$$$$
Lexus GS 450h 23 4.5 C-LGood B-L$
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 39 9.5 A-LSuperior A-LNone
Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid 21 3.7 C-PGood A-PNone
BMW ActiveHybrid X6 18 3.2 E-BVery Poor F-B$$$$$
BMW ActiveHybrid 750i 20 3.7 E-BVery Poor C-B$$

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