UCS Says Ship it Green!

As the 2010-2011 holiday season approached, so, too did consideration of the upcoming first-ever federal rule regulating the fuel economy (miles-per-gallon) and emissions of medium-and heavy-duty trucks—the trucks we see each day delivering goods and services to our homes and businesses. With The UCS Convoy (pdf) cleaner truck design, UCS has shown that significant, cost-effective effiency and emissions improvements can be made to these vehicles. We knew it was important to get this message out ahead of the federal rule. And so it was that, given ‘twas the season to be shipping, UCS sprung to action and launched its new “Ship it Green!” campaign.

UCS created holiday-themed "Ship it Green!" shipping labels and flyers available for download on our website. We invited our activitsts to attach these items to all the packages they sent during the holiday season, letting shippers and consumers alike know that the public wants the shipping industry to play its part to reduce America's oil-dependence and global warming.

Our activists downloaded thousands of our “Ship it Green!” labels, and also typed their “Ship it Green” message in the “special instructions” area of their online shipping orders. Additionally, they let their friends and family know about “Ship it Green” through eCards, Facebook, Twitter, and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

From Consumer Education to Public Action

UCS activists then turned their attention from public education to direct action, sending in over 11,000 comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT), urging them to pass the strongest possible rule: to increase the fuel economy of medium duty vehicles to approximately 16mpg and heavy-duty vehicles to over 10mpg in 2030. Doing so could save one million barrels of oil a day from that sector—an important part of the Half the Oil plan to cut projected United States oil use in half by 2030.

We applaud our activitists and supporters who got into the holiday spirit and helped make our "Ship it Green" awareness campaign a success.

Learn about UCS resources on Truck Efficiency:

  • The UCS Convoy (pdf): UCS engineers developed a virtual tractor-trailer design to show how various technologies can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Delivering Jobs: This report looks into the costs and benefits of improving the fuel economy of medium and heavy-duty trucks with a focus on jobs, economic growth, cost savings for truck owners, energy security, and climate benefits.


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