Catalyst Fall 2018

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On the UCS report Underwater that warns of the threat posed by sea level rise to coastal real estate

Liz Rattican: Recently it was reported that there would be nine inches of water covering the land that I live on in 30 years. Not that I will probably be here, but there are four building projects for apartments and condos within walking distance of my building. What are they thinking?

Linda Fitz Hoover: I live in one of those pink zones [on your interactive map] but several miles inland so we won’t be impacted. I have been hearing since the 1980s that there should be restrictions on building but they are ignored.

Bob Vitray: So far the actuality has been exceeding even the worst-case scenarios in speed and magnitude. My sister lives in Florida where they dread storms that come on a high tide and have seawater backing up through the storm drains.

On the government’s move to bail out struggling coal plants

Win Farmer: It would be a lot better to retrain out-of-work coal miners for the jobs of the future. Far better from many viewpoints.

@PrairieWisdom: Wind power: responsible for more jobs than coal mining. The solar industry employs more people than all of the coal industry. Solar jobs alone outnumber coal jobs in almost two-thirds of states. Wind jobs outnumber coal jobs in more than 20 states. Solar and wind together beat coal in 40 states.

On the relationship between driver and electric vehicle

Kimberly Weldon: I’ve had my EV since November, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an absolutely amazing car, and a thrill to drive.

Frank J. Perricone: Just got solar power so my EV is now charged only with locally sourced, homegrown electrons!

On the Trump administration dismissing science-based decisionmaking for our national parks

Kitty Mackin: I'm surprised there hasn't been an executive order issued . . . repealing all science.

Susan J. Broatch: If not science, then what? Horoscopes? Tea leaves? Maybe a Magic 8 Ball. Any decision that is not science-based is a crime against the environment, the citizens, and the future.