Extreme Heat and Climate Change in the Northeast

How hot could the Northeast get? 

Click on one of the seven major Northeast cities listed below to see city-specific projections of extreme summer heat.

Boston | Buffalo | Concord/Manchester | Hartford | New York City | Philadelphia | Pittsburgh

Map of key Northeastern Cities

Under a high emissions scenario, the number of days over 90°F is projected to increase until, by the end of the century, some cities could experience nearly an entire summer with temperatures greater than 90°F.

These projections also show a dramatic increase in the currently few but blisteringly hot days over 100°F.

Be sure to compare the striking difference between higher- and lower-emission pathways, which you'll find in the inset boxes accompanying each city-specific projection.

Extreme heat carries significant human and ecological consequences—but we can avoid the worst by reducing our heat-trapping emissions today.

All data is from our report Confronting Climate Change in the Northeast. Learn more:

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