The Weight of the Evidence

Promoting climate science for the public good

For centuries science has made the world better for all of us. It's made our food, our air, and our water safer. It's made our lives more productive and efficient. Science has brought us many of the conveniences we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

But recently, science, and especially climate science, has become a political football. Organized interests seeking to delay desperately needed actions to reduce heat-trapping emissions have manufactured controversies and misrepresented the facts.

Such tactics are meant to sow confusion and lull the public into a dangerous complacency. But we will not let those who deny and distort climate science succeed.

UCS is leading a campaign to allow the voices of climate scientists to be heard and to educate the public about the overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence for human-caused global warming. To accomplish this, we are taking a number of steps, including the following:

  • Working with climate scientists from around the country to disprove fallacies and educate the public about the real facts on global warming.
  • Developing and distributing clear, accessible information to help the media and the public understand the science behind our changing climate.
  • Building American pride in the dedicated researchers who are working to understand and adapt to the consequences of our changing climate.
  • Partnering with Americans from all walks of life to set the record straight on global warming pollution and the urgent need to rein it in.  

What You Can Do

  • Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas at  
  • If you are a scientist, we have many ways that you can get involved. Learn more by contacting Jean Sideris at   


Meet America's climate scientists: A UCS Series

Wenhong Li Allays Confusion Regarding Weather and Climate
Bethany Bradley Examines How Global Warming Encourages Invasive Plants
Julienne Stroeve Measures Fast-Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Thomas Knutson Studies the Effect of Global Warming on Hurricanes
John Guinotte Studies the Effect of Carbon on Coral
Richard Seager Warns of Impending Drought
Benjamin Santer Takes the Fingerprints of Global Warming
Maureen Raymo Thinks Like a Planet
David Inouye Tracks Climate's Effect on Wildflowers 
Warren Washington Wrote the Book on Climate Modeling 
Camille Parmesan Studies the Silent Harbingers of Global Warming
Cameron Wake Seeks Secrets of Climate Change in Ice 
Scott Luthcke Weighs Greenland
Keith Cherkauer Tracks Surface Water Flow on a Warming Planet
Julia Cole Unearths Rock-Hard Evidence of Climate Change 


We Need Your Support
to Make Change Happen

We can reduce global warming emissions and ensure communities have the resources they need to withstand the effects of climate change—but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.