Pennsylvania Global Warming Legislation

PA S. 266 / PA H. 110

The state legislature passed the Pennsylvania Climate Change Act July 2008, the state's first meaningful legislation on global warming. This bipartisan legislation passed with overwhelming support.

As a global leader in technology, industry, and innovation, as well as a major source of heat-trapping emissions, Pennsylvania (and the rest of the Northeast) is well positioned to drive national and international action. The bill requires the state to:

  • develop a report on the potential impacts of climate change in Pennsylvania,
  • produce and maintain an annual inventory of heat-trapping emissions, and
  • develop a climate change action plan that would set target levels for reductions of global warming pollution and evaluate the cost-effective strategies for emissions reductions.

While national and international actions are necessary to fully address the issue of global warming, action taken by Pennsylvania to reduce global warming pollution will have far-reaching effects by encouraging other states, the federal government, and other countries to act. By exercising a global leadership role and investing in the development of innovative and pioneering technologies, Pennsylvania will also position its economy, technology centers, financial institutions, and businesses to benefit from national and international efforts to reduce heat-trapping emissions.

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