Webinar Series: A Voice for Science and Scientists in California Climate Policy

To help elevate the voices of scientists in California—and effectively communicate the growing risks of climate change to policy makers—UCS hosted a series of webinars, A Voice for Science and Scientists in California Climate Policy.

Recently released scientific studies about the impacts of climate change in California reinforce the need for science-based action to double our efforts to reduce the causes of global warming. But they also highlight the need to adapt to changes already taking place and prepare for further unavoidable changes in the near-term future in California: substantially higher temperatures, more extreme wildfires, flooding, rising sea levels, and other impacts.

In order for policy makers to get the message, they need to understand what's at stake for their constituents—and they need to hear it from the most trusted voices: scientists in their districts.

To help in this effort, you can listen and watch recordings from this webinar series.

Elevating the Voice of Scientists with Policy Makers
November 14, 2012

Public officials facing complex decisions at the intersection of science and policy could use more input from scientists, but instead, often hear from special interest groups pedaling spin over science. Join this webinar for a full overview of the best ways that experts like you can engage with policy makers and make a valuable difference in the process.

Communicating Climate Change More Effectively in California
October 24, 2012

Ever walk away from a conversation about climate change wishing you could have conveyed the basic principles more clearly? Or made the implications of climate change for people's lives more tangible? We all understand the urgency of the issue, but we aren't always at our best in describing the how, why, "so what?," or what to do about global warming. Understanding the best ways to talk about global warming is a skill we all should have—whether you're doing an interview with a reporter, having dinner with friends, or speaking to a community group. Listen to Dr. Susanne Moser, internationally recognized expert on climate communication, and UCS Press Secretary Aaron Huertas as they discuss what the research shows are the most effective ways to communicate about climate change.

Our Changing Climate 2012: New Research on California's Vulnerability to Climate Change
October 12, 2012

Learn more about the latest science on climate impacts, vulnerabilities, and ways to prepare and adapt in California—and how you as an expert can play a vital role in encouraging California's leaders to maintain the state's leadership on actions to address climate change.

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