Got Science? Podcast | Episode 52 The Ethical Question of Autonomous Vehicles

February 12, 2019

Mobility and equity Kendall Science Fellow, Dr. Richard Ezike walks us through the equity implication of autonomous vehicles (AVs), and the infrastructure overhaul needed to get AVs on the road.

In this episode Richard talks about:

  • Why equity needs to be considered in the shift towards autonomous vehicles
  • How access to transportation varies depending on communities
  • What can be done to address AV emissions

Timing and cues:

  • Opener (0:00-1:03)
  • Intro (1:03-2:33)
  • Interview Part 1 (2:33-10:43)
  • Break (10:43-11:16)
  • Sidelining Science Throw (21:35-22:14)
  • Sidelining Science (22:14-27:25)
  • Outro (27:25-28:30)

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State of Science: Shreya Durvasula
Editing: Omari Spears
Editing and music: Brian Middleton
Research and writing: Pamela Worth
Executive producer: Rich Hayes
Host: Colleen MacDonald