US Nuclear Power Plants

An interactive database of nuclear reactors and nuclear safety issues in the United States.
  • operatingOperating
  • proposedProposed
  • shut downShut down
Single-reactor sites
  • multiOperating, proposed, and shut down
Multi-reactor sites
Last Updated: March 26, 2018

This feature is no longer being updated, but is still available for research purposes.

Interested in safety issues at US nuclear power plants? Use this tool to find and filter US-based nuclear reactors, then click through to find more detailed reactor-level information. Filters are available under the collapsible sections to the left of the map (or below it on mobile); clicking “update map” will apply those filters and display the matching reactors. Whether a single reactor is operating, proposed, or shut down is indicated by its icon; plants with multiple reactors have their own icon, as they may have reactors with different operational statuses. Click any icon and navigate to the “Plant Overview Page” for more detailed reactor-level information.


Operational Status

Safety Issues


On-Site Dry Cask Storage

Population Within 10-Mile Radius

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