The UCS Nuclear Weapons Complex Map

Nuclear Weapons Complex Map Files

The UCS Nuclear Weapons Complex Map is a free, publicly available, interactive tool that allows users to explore the U.S. nuclear weapons complex in Google Earth and provides information about its facilities. All the information comes from public sources.

To use the Complex Map, you must have Google Earth installed on your computer; it is free to download and install from Google.

Once you have Google Earth installed, download the file that loads the Complex Map. For more information about loading and using the Complex Map, please refer to the User’s Manual.

The figure below shows how the Complex Map appears at a large scale, in this case showing the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories site in Livermore, CA, with the Sandia National Laboratory's California site at the bottom, with several major facilities marked. As the user zooms in in on the map, minor facilities will appear. Clicking on any of the facilities will open a balloon with more information.

The Complex Map is a work in progress. We will continue to expand, update, and correct the information in the map, which is designed to load the most recent data each time Google Earth is opened. Users can report errors or provide additional information by sending an email to [email protected].

Last revised date: October 17, 2013

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